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Concrete Tips & Troubleshooting

Doing the job right the first time is the main focus of every Kuert Concrete employee. This commitment to quality means knowing the product inside out. This helps us avoid common problems which may occur when mixing and pouring concrete. Below are some common problems that occur in concrete pours, and some methods and techniques that can be used to prevent them from occurring.

Dusting Thumbnail DUSTING - The presence of a powdery material at the surface of a hardened concrete slab.
Discoloration Thumbnail DISCOLORATION - Changes in color from pour to pour, spots, mottled light or dark patches, can be caused by a number of factors.
Popouts Thumbnail POPOUTS - A conical fragment that breaks out of the surface of the concrete. Usually a fractured aggregate particle will be found at the base of the hole.
CRACKS - Breaks that occur in areas other than those placed intentionally.
PLASTIC SHRINKAGE CRACKS - Small cracks in the surface of concrete. These can combine with drying shrinkage cracks.
SCALING - When the surface of hardened concrete breaks away to a depth of 1.5 mm to 5 mm. This generally occurs within the first year of placement.
CRAZING - A large number of interconnected small cracks just in the surface of the concrete. They are nonstructural, and most visible on a nearly dry surface.
Popouts Thumbnail BLISTERING - Small bumps in the surface of flatwork that appear in the finishing operation.

* A tip of the fedora to Essroc Cement for providing this info

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