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LITHOCHROME® Chemstain® Classic

What is Chemstain:

LITHOCHROME Chemstain Classic is the ready-to-use, penetrating, reactive stain that chemically reacts with the surface of cured concrete to produce unique and permanent color effects. Chemstain can be applied full strength, blended or diluted for a multitude of creative color effects.

Where to use Chemstain:

  • Exterior concrete hardscapes
  • Interior concrete floors
  • Artificial rock and water features
  • Concrete countertops
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Chemstain produces concrete floors and hardscapes that are one-of-a-kind and permanent, with a distinct weathered appearance. Chemstain colors and enhances, but will not hide, the unique surface blemishes in the concrete. Used with spectacular results by contractors for nearly 100 years, Chemstain is the original commercial acid stain and contains no VOC’s, which allows it to meet stringent air quality management regulations.

Compatible Sealers:
SCOFIELD® Selectseal Plus™
SCOFIELD® Cureseal-S™
SCOFIELD® Cureseal-W™
CEMENTONE® Clear Concrete Sealer

What do customers say about Chemstain:
“Every LITHOCHROME Chemstain floor I’ve done is a “work of art”! Chemstain truly takes on the personality of the concrete and provides a beautiful concrete surface.

I’ve used Chemstain in both interior and exterior applications with long-lasting results. The colors can be used to create beautiful patterns and designs, or I can simply use a single color, from which you get many shades to enhance the other textures of the project.

For me, the beauty of Chemstain is that it becomes part of the concrete. A simple re-seal will usually bring it right back to its original beauty even after years of wear. I love Chemstain and continue to “love to go to work” because of the lasting impression I am able to create for my customers.”

— Victoria Collins, Capitol Decorative Concrete