American Louvered Roof Systems

 American Louvered Roof Systems are made in America and feature all aluminum, powder-coated construction.  Each louvered roof is equipped with a remote control powered-louvered roof, allowing you to adjust the amount of shade with the touch of a button.  Check one out today at our indoor showroom.


Patio Cover Benefits

  • Remote controlled motorized operation is standard
  • Helps protect interior furniture and carpet from sun fade
  • 15-30% savings on your homes utility cost
  • Cuts annoying glare through large glass windows or sliding doors
  • Controls the amount of sun, shade or light into your home
  • Lowers patio and deck temperatures by 15-20 degrees
  • Are manufactured in the “good ole’ USA”
  • Utilizes 100% Extruded Aluminum in all designed parts.
  • Extruded Aluminum is much stronger than Roll Formed Aluminum.
  • Are manufactured and designed to withstand high winds, rain, hail, snow, sleet & the hot scorching sun.



Additional Patio Cover Benefits

  • Easily install outdoor ceiling fans or lighting
  • Protects your patio and deck furniture
  • Add value to your home and aesthetic appeal
  • Protects windows and door jams
  • Allows for cooling through ventilation of air flow
  • Protects you against all elements of Mother Nature
  • Creates a beautiful backyard oasis of shade
  • It is also 98% waterproof!

Designed with Extruded Aluminum

  • Our Louvers, Rafters, Louvered Brackets and complete mounting systems are all 100% Extruded Aluminum.
  • Extruded Aluminum Louvers are approximately 500% stronger
  • Can handle hail and mother nature without damage
  • Our entire roof is Electrostatically Powdercoated

Because our Roofing Systems are Powdercoated Aluminum, there literally is no maintenance to be performed but a simple cleaning with soap and water occasionally.