Charcoal and Smoker Series

From a commercial-grade stainless steel, high capacity smoker to a high performance charcoal grill available in a variety of models, Fire Magic delivers quality and style to the charcoal grill and smoker enthusiast.


  • All 304 Stainless Steel
  • Digital thermometer with meat probe for precision temperature control
  • Dual top smoke stack ventilation for controlled and accurate airflow
  • Spacious stainless steel adjustable racks to hold large meats or cook multiple foods
  • Bottom door for additional airflow
  • Front drip tray that can be used for the collection of juices
  • Optional storage base drawer for tools or other storage
  • Gravity fed fuel loading
  • Intake from rear bottom heat chamber for better airflow
  • Temperature range 0-450°F
  • Cooking Capacity 6 Cubic feet.
  • Triple wall insulated body, and double wall lid, for concentrated heat
  • Electric requirements (for thermometer) 3V (2 x AA batteries)
  • Constructed of 100% stainless steel with 2″ of insulation
  • Use charcoal, wood chunks or wood pallet for fuel.