ClearLane® Enhanced Deicer

  • Superior deicing capabilities
  • Safer for the environment
  • Earned EPA’s Safer Choice recognition
  • Includes PNS-approved corrosion inhibitor
  • Patented liquid treatment helps product stay in place on road surface
  • Compared to rock salt, uses 30% less product for the same effect
  • Effective melting at 0° F and below
  • Includes coloring agent and leaching inhibitor
  • Formulated to stay free-flowing
  • Delivered to your facility ready to use


Made using a patented liquid magnesium chloride formula and mixing process, ClearLane® enhanced deicer is a pre-wet sodium chloride product. The formula contains a PNS-approved corrosion inhibitor, a coloring agent, and a leaching inhibitor. ClearLane enhanced deicer has demonstrated melting capabilities below zero and is formulated to remain free-flowing.

Compared to agricultural biproducts or rock salt, ClearLane enhanced deicer is safer for the environment and less product is needed to achieve the same deicing effect. Corrosion protection lengthens the life of your vehicles and equipment and because less product is needed, fewer chlorides enter the environment. Bounce and scatter are reduced because the patented liquid formulation of ClearLane enhanced deicer helps the product to adhere to the roadway. Because the deicer stays where it belongs, fewer applications are needed, reducing both cost and product use.

Kuert Outdoor Living provides competitive pricing on ClearLane enhanced deicer to bring you effective performance, greater safety for the environment, and superior deicing capabilities. Call for pricing and availability. Storm and after-hours loading and delivery is offered by Kuert Outdoor Living.


After-hours on-call storm loading is available for bulk ClearLance Enhanced Deicer and Ice Ban liquid. Give us a call at 574-312-7557 or email Andrew at