Evolution Polymeric Sand

The First and Only No-Haze, All-Joint Polymeric Sand with Over 15 Years of Proven Exceptional Performance

  • Exceptional, time-tested performance. The ONLY No-Haze sand used by contractors for over 10 years.
  • For joints from 1/16” to 4” wide
  • Pure, natural colors sourced from natural sand, quartz and granite.  No dyes or pigments means no fading.
  • Will not change the original aspect of your stone or pavers
  • Appropriate for all the types of concrete pavers and natural stone*
  • More flexible movement than with conventional joint fillers (mortar or cement)
  • Does not contain cement
  • Safe to use near swimming pools
  • Ideal for pedestrian or high vehicular traffic applications
  • Works for flat or sloped surface installations -stays in joints with minimal wash-out
  • Formulated specifically to resist temperature variations freeze/thaw cycles (superior to cement or mortar products)
  • Resistant to ice melters, rock salt and acid cleaners
  • Fast setting and drying time
  • Minimum temperature for installation 0˚C (32˚F) means you can install early spring and late fall.
  • Helps prevent weed growth and ant hills
  • Can be used indoor (minimum required depth for the joints: 0.75”)

*Always defer to the paver manufacturer’s recommendations on the use of polymeric sand with their products.

*Please note that the combination of a very steep slope and wide joints can reduce the ability for water penetration into the joints, due to surface water slip.

In this case, we recommend evaluating the product and its installation, in a small test area before proceeding.

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