LITHOCHROME® Antiquing Release is an odorless, high-performance, colored, powder stamp tool release. Use it to improve the ease of separating concrete stamp tools, embossing skins or texturing tools from the freshly placed concrete or cementitious materials they imprint. LITHOCHROME Antiquing Release adds variegated color to the imprint, and can increase the perceived depth of stamp patterns.

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Apply LITHOCHROME Antiquing Release to the entire surface to be textured immediately prior to stamping. Its hydrophobic nature will help prevent the wet cementitious material from sticking to the pattern tool, and improve print quality. See Tech Data Bulletin A-854 for full application instructions.

Also Available:

LITHOTEX® Liquid Release is a high-performance, odorless stamp tool release solvent designed to improve the ease of separating concrete embossing stamps, skins, and texturing tools from freshly poured cementitious surfaces. It is non-film forming and will not interfere with future concrete coloring materials, paints, sealers, or water repellant treatments.

SCOFIELD® Liquid Release SG is an economical, scented release solvent for use when imprinting concrete or cementitious toppings to provide easy release of the tools. Scofield Liquid Release SG is not intended for use as a vertical formwork release, bond-breaker, or mold release.