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Landscapers add topsoil to projects to give new plants or a newly seeded lawn a healthy start. The soil surrounding a new house, for instance, is likely to be sandy or full of clay. Adding several inches of topsoil to the landscape will ensure new plants and seeds get the nutrients they need and new roots can spread.  1 yard of topsoil is equal to roughly 1.5 tons.

  • Rich Mix of Nutrients Necessary for Healthy Plants
  • Used to Improve Soil Quality
  • Contains Organic Matter
  • Screened and Shredded to Remove Debris

* Prices and availability may vary with location.


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Our Screened Top Soil is high in nutrients and is exceptional for growing grass, plants, and flowers.  It is shredded and screened to rid the material of rocks and debris, and it is kept under proper climate conditions to create the right consistency.

Use our topsoil with compost mixture to grow robust vegetables and gorgeous flowers.  Whether you are starting fresh or tilling your existing area, add a layer of our soil. If your existing soil is very dry and sandy, this is a good way to enrich the area and prepare for planting.

Screened Top Soil is available for pick-up at the following locations:

  • Kuert Supply Center
  • Kuert Outdoor Living

Delivery is available from Kuert Supply Center in South Bend and Kuert Outdoor Living in Goshen – please call (574)239-0058 to schedule from South Bend or (574)312-7557 from Goshen.

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