SEK Surebond Paver Cleaners

SEK-Surebond Multi-Use & Specialty Cleaners for Pavers, Natural Stone and Concrete Will Restore & Maintain Your Hardscape Investment

Paver and natural stone hardscapes are a BIG investment that can provide years of beauty and enjoyment if well maintained.  Once the hardscape installation is complete is the ideal time to seal the surface and start following the appropriate maintenance schedule so it achieves maximum performance and remains beautiful through the years.  However, it is never too late to restore and protect a hardscape installation.  It’s easy to do with SEK-Surebond’s step-by-step Hardscape Restoration & Maintenance System that can make an old hardscape installation look like new again.

SEK-Surebond has safe, powerful multi-use and specialty cleaners designed specifically for maintaining and restoring hardscape and concrete surfaces.  Plus, we have laid out an easy to follow, proactive maintenance schedule to assist preserving the beauty of a hardscape investment through the years.

  • Complete Hardscape Restoration Product Line
  • Multi-Use & Specialty Cleaners
  • Safe, Powerful & Fast Acting
  • Clean Rinse Technology
  • Prepares Unsealed Surfaces for Sealing
  • Ideal for Hardscape & Concrete Surfaces
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