Protecting the grass, turf, lawn or other surface when you bring in heavy equipment just got easier. Work smarter and more effectively, not harder. SlatTrax creates a temporary roadway that protects the ground while giving you easy access to the work site. Instead of using rubber mats or plywood sheets, SlatTrax helps you reduce damage to the ground and avoid needless injuries.

Two systems are available, one hydraulic and the other manually powered. Talk to Kuert today about renting or purchasing a SlatTrax system.


  • Hydraulically-driven attachment or manually handled Trax
  • Trax made with durable ¾” recycled plastics in 25′ (or 12.5′) sections
  • Trax perform on turf, hardscape, hills, and curves
  • Linear mass of sections holds roadway components in position


  • Access worksite while reducing damage to grounds
  • Easy to deploy and retrieve – 100′ of dual Trax in less than 2 minutes
  • Reducing unnecessary work/ground damage = more productivity & profit
  • Avoid unnecessary injuries and make happier customers & clients