SRW Seaming Adhesive


This spray adhesive lets contractors create quick, permanent bonds on many geotextile fabrics and also provides a seam strength that outperforms the fabric strength for many commonly used fabrics in the construction industry.

The adhesive is packaged in a pre-pressurized cylinder for an easy-to-use, maintenance-free delivery system. Simply spray the adhesive on the two fabrics being bonded and apply pressure to the seam. It dries quickly, further enabling fast and efficient assembly.

These simple steps create a bond strong enough to meet the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) M288-06 requirements for seam efficiency for a wide variety of specifications.

DOT approved* states: Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and New York *Please see your local State DOT information to verify specific applications.


  • Fast-drying, sets up in minutes
  • Ultra-strong, construction-grade adhesive
  • Cuts seaming time in half
  • Eliminates the need for expensive sewing machines and generators
  • Wide spray pattern for fast coverage
  • Eliminates large overlap – saves fabric costs