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Concrete & Ready-Mix

Contractor Supplies and Tools

Whether you’re working on a business complex or a backyard, Kuert’s concrete and landscape supplies help you build beautiful spaces. Our expanded line of supplies and tools includes:

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    Landscaping Tools & Supplies

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    Precast Concrete Products

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    Power Equipment & Accessories

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    Concrete Placement & Finishing Tools

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    Decorative Concrete

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    Outdoor Hardscapes, Pavers & Retaining Walls


Product Spotlight:

Liquid Snow Shovel

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Liquid Snow Shovel

Liquid Snow Shovel brings a new strategy and cutting-edge technology to winter ice and snow removal. Spray surfaces before the snow falls to create a barrier that prevents snow and ice from adhering, making it easier to clear the snow down to bare pavement. Applied after a snowfall, LSS acts immediately to melt snow on contact. Plows and shovels will not displace Liquid Snow Shovel, so it remains in the pores of the surface and the residual will aid in removing future snowfall.

Benefits include:

  • Effective to temperatures as low as -25°F
  • Friendly to pets and vegetation, LSS is odorless and colorless
  • Kinder to concrete, LSS is 70% less corrosive than rock salt
  • Bio-degradable, non-hazardous and non-staining, LSS leaves no white residue
  • Snow plows and shovels will not displace it from the surface

Check out our full selection of snow and ice removal products and be prepared before the first flakes hit the ground.

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